Lincoln High School Theater

An ensemble of performers, technicians, artists, and writers at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, SD.

Inspector Hound Cast List

Thank you all for your effort this week. I am so excited for the rest of our season and the years to come. If you were not cast, please know that I saw you and appreciated you and am thinking every day about what LHS Theater is going to do next. You are all officially part of the plan. If you have any interest in a Greek Chorus made up entirely of squirrels, we should talk.

Read through at 3:30 in the Little Theater tomorrow.

Birdboot – Isaac Smith

Moon – Ramsey Folkerts

Mrs. Drudge – Elizabeth Trygstad

Simon Gascoyne – Satchell Workman

Felicity Cunningham – Dani Koang

Cynthia Muldoon- Cat Paul

Inspector Hound – Avery Store

Major Magnus Muldoon- Tim Stolp

BBC Radio Voice – Taeya Freeman

*Bodies/Theater Attendants:  *Mak Highstrom (Hound study), Marissa Weinzelle (Radio study), Molly Baumeister (Drudge Study), Allison Weeden(Cynthia study), *Felicity Walker (Felicity study), *Liyah White (Moon study), *Court Anderson (Magnus/Birdboot Study)

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